One of the most convenient and fastest of our shipments - with a range of additional practical services for any configuration and guaranteed 1- or 2-day delivery time.


Delivery to your client the day after tomorrow at the latest

We guarantee that PACZKA24 (PARCEL24)will reach in just 1 day to the recipient (in cities and agglomerations). If you are sending a parcel to a smaller location - it will be received within 2 business days.


PACZKA24 (PARCEL24) allows you to send large, 30-kilo packs to clients - if you need to ship something heavier, simply go with oversized shipping options. PACZKA24 (PARCEL24) is ideal for transporting commercial goods, documents, glass and fragile objects, and live plants. You can also order a careful treatment of the consignment, and insure valuable goods (if you sign a contract, it will be a service included in the price).

Sent from a post office or directly from your store

You ship your order at the nearest post office, as well as at your store premises (to be able to use the second option, sign a contract with us to handle shipping from store). If you want to speed up the shipment, prepare your package with eNADAWCA (eSENDER) application - early data input into the system or printing address labels make the delivery reach the place more efficiently. Need to send a shipment on a Saturday or late afternoon? Use our search engine - you can easily find the nearest post office open on the weekend or find out up to which hours shipments are accepted for the next day delivery.

Efficient delivery

PACZKA24 (PARCEL24) will be delivered directly to your customer. However, if for some reason one does not want to receive it at home, one has the opportunity to choose one of the 4,200 post offices, in which the package will be waiting for him. It is called a service point, which will also reduce the cost of delivery. With the service, we can also take cash on delivery for the order.

Instant cash on delivery transfer

If your customer wants to pay for the shipment only upon receipt, you will not wait for the cash - the entire amount will appear on your account as early as within 2 business days. And if you have a business account with the Bank Pocztowy (Postal Bank) - payment will be transferred the same day!

Shipment tracking and practical notifications

Maintain complete control and track your shipment online - delivery status will also be available to your customers waiting for delivery. We will also inform recipients about shipping, and if you select the service point option - we will inform which post office the shipment is waiting. We will also pass information about any unsuccessful attempt of delivery. All this at no extra charge - just provide us the phone number or e-mail address of your client when shipping.
As the shipper you will also keep an eye on your shipment - aside from eMONITORING you can also use a number of additional solutions, including SMS or e-mail confirmation of receipt or shipment return.  

Even lower costs

We know how important for a store it is to keep full control over expenses. That's why we give you a number of options to lower your expenses - your customers will also appreciate lower shipping costs. Sign a contract - we will offer you a lower price for shipping with the possibility of paying in the post-paid system (on credit). You can also encourage customers to receive parcels at a service point which is their chosen post office - this service even further reduces the cost of delivery. Additionally, if you happen to send a few packages to one recipient at the same time - tell us about it! In this case, a preferred choice will be a multi-piece shipment. The weight of your parcels counts too - if they are small packages weighing up to 0.5 kg, the rate for their sending will be reduced.



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